About Italian On The Mound

Our shop is a café based at 15 Bank St, Edinburgh EH1 2LN. We serve our customers 7 days a week, offering collections only. For your order, you can pop in to our shop or place it online to be collected at a later time.

You are wondering where the best café is in the town? No biggie! Ask any passer-by in N Bank Street, ‘Where is the best café near me?’, and he’ll mention ‘Italian on the Mound Café’.

Fond of museums? Then you may want to visit Museum on the Mound. While there, you can place an online order for what you crave and collect it when you are done with your visit. We are just at a reasonable distance from the museum.

We offer a wide range of delights from frothy Coffees to fresh Pastas. You will undoubtedly make a regular customer of our pastas if you try any of them only once.

If you’re looking for vegan food, try our Vegan Italiano Focaccia. It can be a real delight to your palate.

If you have a craving for grilled spicy chicken, you can try our Legendary No9 recipe. Served with Manchego Cheese, Jalapenos, Taco Sauce and Rocket, it is available either on freshly baked baguette or toasted wrap.

We are most popular for the whole range of treats we serve. Our valued customers can choose between local treats and sweet treats most of which are flavoured with butter cream.

Order through our website, and you will get an exclusive 15% discount. A £3 discount is awarded to those customers who place their orders through Mealzo App since our shop has recently partnered with Mealzo.

Feel free to contact us at 01312204400 in case you need any help with the services and recipes we offer.

Thank you for your time!



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